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What Are Non 12 Step Recovery Programs Like?

Learn about Non 12 step recovery programs...   Most people know someone who managed to break free from the vicious cycle of addiction by regularly attending support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or similar groups using the same 12-step basis such as Narcotics Anonymous (NA). In fact, w... Read More

Problems Faced By Children of Alcoholic Parents

Children of alcoholic parents face problems no children should have to face...   Psychology Today states the mental trauma faced by children of alcoholic parents is similar to what combat soldiers experience. The alcoholic family is a nest of chaos, inconsistency, and possible physical and sex... Read More

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms and Timeline

Get help with heroin withdrawal symptoms and ease the discomfort of detoxing...   Heroin is a highly addictive drug known as an opiate. According to the National Institutes of Health, an estimated 435,000 people use heroin in the United States. When a person smokes, snorts, or injects the drug... Read More

Hydrocodone Withdrawal Timeline and Help

Learn about the stages of hydrocodone withdrawal and what type of help is available to prevent health complications when you quit...   Hydrocodone is probably the most prescribed opioid medication used to treat severe to chronic pain. While doctors recommend this narcotic to be taken as a shor... Read More

Warning Signs of an Alcoholic

Learn the signs of an alcoholic and find out what you can do to help an addict in need...   Although it is a legal substance in the United States, alcohol is a potent and addicting substance. You must be at least twenty-one years of age to legally purchase it, but alcohol is plentiful and avai... Read More

Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities Houston

Find substance abuse treatment facilities in Houston that can help you with detox and rehabilitation – Call 713-493-7860 today!...   Do you need help with a drug or alcohol addiction problem? You can get the kind of help you need to recover at one of the substance abuse treatment facilit... Read More

A Brief Look at Live In Rehab Centers

What You Should Know About Live In Rehab Centers...   Residential Drug Rehabilitation...   Live in rehab centers are a superb choice when considering the best way to get sober. Inpatient or residential treatment centers are vital to some that are unable to kick the habit on their own or ... Read More

Houston Bombarded With Flakka Deaths

The designer drug that has been making a greater presence on the street level, flakka, is taking hold on Houston. Since its first deaths in 2012, it has been a contributor to the rising deaths in the city. It acts similarly to bath salts, but its potency can't be blamed on at-home manufacturing. Fla... Read More

The Dangerous Health Effects of "spice"

Designer drugs are a new and serious problem. Many men and women, especially young adults, find themselves dangerously addicted just after several uses. Spice or K2 is one of the most commonly abused synthetic drugs. Spice use has long-term effects that debilitate your physical health and wreak havo... Read More

Denying Your Addiction

Asserting that something is untrue is denial and it helps you feel safe where there are things that are out of your control, like drug or alcohol addiction. Continuing to deny the existence of your substance addiction could lead down a path towards irreversible harm, or even death. Denial will keep ... Read More

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