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K L WHIRLWINDS located at 2950 OLD SPANISH TRAIL in Houston, Texas, is a rehabilitation center that helps those who are seeking assistance for alcohol and drug addiction. K L WHIRLWINDS provides addicts of the ages 18+ with professional addiction treatment as well as counseling and guidance in order to ensure their success in recovery. With the assistance of addiction advisors and therapists, addicts will have the opportunity to live a life that is free of substance abuse.

The overarching goal of the various treatment programs at K L WHIRLWINDS is to supply patients with the necessary treatment that will allow for a full recovery. With some of the most effective treatment methods available, patients will have the best chance of obtaining a sustained substance-free life. Through crafting a personalized treatment program that is based on the individual's unique addiction, recovery can be obtained. In as little as 90-days, patients who attend K L WHIRLWINDS can be free of the addiction that has controlled their lives. It's time to get the necessary help needed in order to overcome drug and alcohol abuse and substance dependency.

Since each individual's addiction is unique, a personalized approach to addiction care is needed and that is exactly what K L WHIRLWINDS offers. Through adopting vital coping skills and trigger management mechanisms, addicts will gain the knowledge necessary in order to reenter society with a positive mindset. This is the foundation for a future that is free of substance abuse.

Many addicts choose the route of tackling addiction on their own. While this may seem like a good idea, addiction is so much more than just a bad habit or lack of willpower. Addiction is a progressive, mental disease that requires professional medical attention, detox, and intense treatment in order to overcome.

Those who are dependent on drugs, alcohol, or other addictive substances, as well as those who find themselves indulging in addictive tendencies, should contact K L WHIRLWINDS in Houston, Texas now. This will allow addicts to learn how quality treatment can help them regain control of their lives and the freedom lost to addiction. By receiving effective treatment such as behavioral counseling, therapy, and relapse prevention, patients can feel content and fulfilled once again. Visit K L WHIRLWINDS online today at iamthrough.totalwarehouse.com.

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+1(713) 805-8032
2950 OLD SPANISH TRAILHoustonTexas  77054

Google Reviews

  5.0   6 months ago

I just moved in with my roommate this past week. First of all, the move in process was very smooth thanks to Dana. Overall, management is very sweet, helpful and is quick to answer, look into & follow up with any questions or concerns. Specifically, Courtney has personally made us feel heard & welcomed. I absolutely love it here thus far & hope my experience here stays this positive.

  5.0   6 months ago

The Equinox is a beautiful complex with great amenities, but what makes it so special is the staff. The manager, Jenny, and her team have welcomed A Shelter for Cancer Families into their community with open arms. We lease several apartment units at the Equinox for cancer families undergoing cancer treatment in the Texas Medical Center. Jenny and her staff go above and beyond to make these families feel welcome and comfortable. The staff is quick to respond, respectful, and accommodating both to our cancer families and to our staff at A Shelter for Cancer Families. We are grateful for each staff member who makes living at the Equinox a true home. I highly recommend the Equinox to anyone searching for their next home in a caring community.

  4.0   8 months ago

I’ve been here since Dec 2017. The lack of professionals here was evidently and notoriously in the past. Today things are doing way better with the new management team. Still things to work on it, we’ll see... if you want a professional, accurate and proactive service ask for Courtney Caesar. She will make sure that any question, requires or concerns gets taking care of.

  5.0   8 months ago

Great experience so far. I love it over here. Staff is very friendly and maintenance workers are fast.

  5.0   8 months ago

I just want to apologize so deeply to Dana. It has been a rough month and I believe we got to much distracted on the transfer of service for internet. I just want to say I’m sorry and I could have thrown you off track or I misunderstood about the cable. Over all after I showed my behind and talking to Jenny I just want to say thank you ladies for understanding and making things work. I can’t wait to move in November.

  5.0   9 months ago

Great experience so far. I love it over here. Staff is very friendly and maintenance workers are fast.

  4.0   10 months ago

I’ve been here since Dec 2017. The lack of professionals here was envidently and notoriously in the past. Today things are doing way better with the new management team. Still things to work on it, we’ll see... if you want a professional, accurate and proactive service ask for Courtney Caesar. She will make sure that any question, requires or concerns gets taking care of.

  5.0   10 months ago

I recently came by and toured with Courtney and the experience was awesome. I normally don't even write reviews, but everyone can relate to the stress of moving and my experience at this place made things easier. The tour was detailed and all of my questions were answered with no hesitation or inconsistency. The property has everything you would need, and the floorplans I saw were really nice. I'll be paying my application fee today and look forward to moving in.

  5.0   11 months ago

Great complex with a great community mindset, lots of planned activities and initiatives to make it a great place for everyone living there. Kourtney at the leasing office was fantastic and really gave solid answers to questions and not just air.

  5.0   1 year ago

I’m absolutely in love with my Apartment! Jenny made me feel comfortable right away from move in and I couldn’t be happier. I love the pool, I love the staff, and I truly love how easy they made our life with moving in.

  5.0   1 year ago

Thank goodness for Jenny and Ashley. I was in a major bind, needed to find a place immediately. They moved heaven and earth for me so I could move in on Monday. I got to town on Saturday, had no idea where I would live, just knew I needed to be in the Med Center. I feel like I'm an expert now (or at least have someone I can call if I need something). I will definitely be using the shuttle, and you'll find me at the pool on Saturday!

  4.0   1 year ago

I loved that the Equinox has nice spacious apartments. The staff waa very friendly and the community is pet friendly.

  5.0   1 year ago

I've lived here for two years. The past year has been a bit rough given that the community was under renovation for the better part of 2017. That being said, now that the renovations are complete, WHAT AN UPGRADE! Love taking my dog to the pet park - Tyson is a little beagle - he goes nuts for the agility equipment. For me the best part is the location - I work in the Med Center, I use the shuttle, makes it easy.

  5.0   1 year ago

Love Equinox!! Such a beautiful property and a without a doubt a place to call home. Avery is so sweet and attentive along with all the wonderful staff. They truly make you feel like family. The location is RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME near all the great food and shopping has to offer!! Make the right move and come home to Equinox!! Ps they’re currently running a special...

  4.0   1 year ago

I've lived here for about 17 months. The place still needs a little work but the new management seems to be doing what they can as fast as possible. They have "security guards" but there are still some issues with cars occasionally being broken into. But the apartments are nice, it's usually pretty quiet here. I never hear my neighbors. There is the occasional loud group out at the pool until like 3am but rarely and I'm far enough away that it doesn't really bother me. The prices are very good for this area. The new dog park is really nice. The pool area since the renovation looks great although I couldn't get the TV to come on. The new carpet and paint in the hallways looks much better. The gym is pretty decent and never crowded. Overall, my experience, since the new management took over, is good so I renewed my lease for another year.

  5.0   1 year ago

My agent suggested that I go visit this property to check out all the new renovations. After my tour with Whitney I definitely see why he pushed me to go. The property is amazing, and I was so amazed with all the new additions. Whitney made me feel super secure with making the decision to make equinox my new home. They met every need on my must have list on top of FREE shuttle, I was so taken back by the amount effort she put in the tour. Whitney made sure to take the time to answer every question before I left. I Cannot wait to move in September. Best tour ever 🙂

  3.0   2 years ago

Updated: Moved in and am liking it so far, with the exception of the things others have mentioned repeatedly. I'm going to give it a month before giving my final verdict, but so far, its not too bad. Added a star. I submitted my application over two weeks ago and have not received any correspondence from any of the staff. I took the liberty of calling one week after applying, was told everything looked good and was now just waiting for the manager to sign off. I called again seven days later and was told my application packet was being worked on, everything looked good to go, and I would be getting a call the next day as well as the lease sent digitally. I never received a call, nor an email regarding my move-in and I only have two weeks to get things situated. If I wasn't such a planner, I guess this wouldn't be a huge deal, but with limited availability during the week it's quite stressful not knowing if you'll have a place to live when your lease is expired. Very disappointed. If this is just the beginning of a 13 month struggle, maybe I should really reconsider other options. 2-Stars because the little bit of the complex I did get to see appeared clean and the staff was nice while touring.

  3.0   2 years ago

I have been living here for 7 months now. The pros: Good price (comparatively speaking), good location near the medical center, shuttle that goes to the med center, decent appliances, and spacious rooms. The cons: Trash rooms are not cleaned out often enough, club house closes at 5pm, gym is almost unusable due to low quality of equipment. Overall, good apartment for the price. I would recommend for someone who is looking for a spacious room with good location close to the medical center who doesn't want to break the bank and can do without the luxuries of a more expensive apartment.

  5.0   2 years ago

I've been living here for 3 years and it's a good place to live. Luxurious living at an affordable price. New management came in earlier this year and have been working hard to make this place as good as new. Multiple renovation projects underway concurrently along with some new amenities - renovation of the pool, renovation of the courtyard, transitioning the lighting to LED, extensive cleaning of the parking garage, providing valet trash services, apartment butler, night guard, gym upgrades and cleaning of the dog park. I've never seen this big renovation effort at any other place. Management folks listen to the complains and work on resolving the issues. Maintenance folks are friendly and helpful. They came and helped us around 10:30pm at night even when they don't have an obligation to come in and help after dark. Management sometimes don't resolve the maintenance issues in a timely manner but I assume its because of the multiple renovation projects happening across the community. Landscape is always maintained and great common area to host get togethers.

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