Houston Bombarded With Flakka Deaths

The designer drug that has been making a greater presence on the street level, flakka, is taking hold on Houston. Since its first deaths in 2012, it has been a contributor to the rising deaths in the city. It acts similarly to bath salts, but its potency can't be blamed on at-home manufacturing. Flakka is made in labs and then sold to U.S. distributors. It can typically be sold and bought online, and sold secretly in head shops, and affects the body like methamphetamines (meth), but is more potent and more addictive.

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Flakka's Effects

In many ways, this new drug is not only similar to bath salts, but also krokodil and other commonly abused substances. It can cause a dangerously elevated body temperature - sometimes as high as 106 degrees Fahrenheit.

In fact, emergency room doctors have been seeing a sharp rise in hospitalizations and even deaths from the drug. Since the drug creates an unsafe rise in body temperature, users often experience negative effects and may require emergency medical attention to reduce their high fevers.

It also often causes users to disrobe, presumably in an attempt to lower their body temperature and reduce their elevated heart rates. This effect is no doubt responsible for some of the news results of bath salts users running naked into traffic or attacking people while in a severe state of agitation.

The drug's effects are both dangerous and far reaching, and even first-time users often end up in the hospital - or in jail - as the result of their actions. In one documented case, a flakka user was found running headlong into traffic after having a psychotic reaction to the drug. Upon questioning, the user of this dangerous drug said he thought he was being pursued by demons.

Other Dangers of Flakka

One of the things that make Flakka so dangerous is the fact that it comes in powdered form. While chronic users of the drug snort, inject or smoke it, there have been reports of people placing it in others' drugs. This inadvertent and unwitting use of the drug can be even more dangerous, since the user has no way of knowing what is happening or why.

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