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When it comes to beating drug abuse and addictions, addicts need to find facilities that suit their needs. Alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers in Houston TX are designed with customized program options that help you get the personal attention that you need to recover. From initial detox to relapse prevention techniques, these facilities are made to get you back on track.

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Residential And Outpatient Programs

After realizing that you have an addiction, the next step is to find treatment and recovery programs that will work for you. The main options to choose from are residential and outpatient rehabilitation programs. For residential programs, you remain on-site at all times and get intensive treatment. An outpatient program offers many of the same features, but only requires a few hours of treatment each day.

How Long Is Rehab at Drug Treatment Centers?

The length of the treatment process should be discussed with your doctor or substance abuse counselor before you enroll in a program. Generally, longer treatment programs are more successful than shorter programs. Residential programs often require a minimum of 28 days and can last for up to a year. Even after rehab is over, you may still visit the facilities to learn recovery tools and get help at maintaining your sobriety.

Is Medical Intervention Necessary?

The signs of withdrawal can be serious and should never be taken lightly. At addiction treatment centers, medical professionals will help to manage withdrawal symptoms and can intervene if the symptoms are severe. Drug treatment centers can help you learn relapse prevention techniques and offer training in recognizing triggers. Through educational programs and counseling, you can learn how addiction works as well as steps to manage your addiction.

Suffering from drug addiction is not a sign of weakness or lack of control. Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a complex mental disorder that can make it extremely difficult to quit on your own. If you want to become sober and live a normal lifestyle, the staff members at drug and alcohol rehab centers in Houston, TX, can provide help throughout the process. Call Houston Drug Treatment Centers at (877) 804-1531 today to find out about drug treatment centers in Houston that are ready to help you reach sobriety.

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