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Before anyone can begin addiction treatment, they must first make it through the detoxification process, which involves the body rebalancing chemicals within the brain. Facing drug detox alone can be agonizing, so it extremely important to find drug treatment facilities that will make the process as safe and comfortable as possible.. There are many alcohol and drug detox centers in Houston TX that are ready to help.

Houston TX drug treatment centers and alcohol treatment centers are staffed by caring and compassionate professionals that will assist you every step of the way. They will do everything in their power to make your transition from substance abuse to sobriety as smooth as it can be.

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Neuroscience and Substance Abuse

Addiction has been studied for many years by some of the most renowned neuroscientists. What they have discovered is that excessive drug use can cause profound changes in the brain, and addiction is a neuropathological disease that results from the interaction between genes and the environment. Hence, some people are genetically predisposed to addiction, and are more likely to become an addict if they grow up in a harmful environment.

When psychoactive drugs are abused, the brain is flooded with chemical messengers known as neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitter can have a variety of effects depending on the nature of the drug. Whether an addict's drug of choice is heroin, marijuana, cocaine, ketamine, LSD, nicotine or alcohol, they all release a high amount of dopamine into the brain.

Dopamine acts on a number of pathways in the brain, but the most important pathway associated with addiction is called the mesolimbic pathway, or reward pathway. This is where many habitual behaviors are associated with pleasure. When the association becomes strong, like in the case of drugs, it can be extremely hard to break the habit. Consequently, addiction may ensue.

At drug rehab centers and alcohol treatment centers in Houston, staff members stress the idea that education is the remedy for addiction. By teaching patients about the underlying mechanisms of addiction, the staff believe they are leaving the patients better equipped to face the daily challenges of recovery.

Facing Drug Detox or Alcohol Detox

Most drug and alcohol rehabs start the addiction treatment process by allowing patients to enter drug detox under the supervision and care of on-site nurses and doctors. At alcohol and drug detox centers, they offer a medically-managed detox plan that helps patients re-adapt to sobriety by reducing the negative symptoms associated with withdrawal. Withdrawal can be a terrifying notion for many individuals, but the staff at medical detox will do their best to ease patients' plight during the process.

Once patients have successfully made it through the drug detox process, they are then able to begin their behavioral-based therapy sessions. There are group and individual sessions, and both are aimed at locating common triggers and how to cope with them. Some patients may receive a dual diagnosis during their assessment. This means that the patient has an underlying mental or emotional psychopathological disorder that may be at the root of their addiction.

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