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Active alcohol addiction is a reversible condition. Some addicted persons may believe that they are too far into a problem to be able to recover, but the same chance of recovery is possible for each individual who reaches out. Rehab centers were designed for the sole purpose of ridding patients of dependence and returning them to sobriety. If you are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, there are alcohol / drug rehab programs in Houston TX that can help. Call Houston Drug Treatment Centers now at (877) 804-1531 to learn about available alcohol treatment options.

Returning to Purity

The main concept of addiction treatment centers is to administer drug and alcohol treatment programs that return a patient to the pure state that he or she was in during younger years. The specialists within the facilities will incorporate multiple varied strategies to prime the patient's mind, body and soul for success. There are many highly skilled counselors and staff members who are on a mission to heal each person through a variety of therapies including education, direction, Christian treatment, and alternative therapies, along with some of the more traditional processes.

Drug of Choice Does not Matter

Addiction treatment can help whether the person is addicted to crack, ecstasy, heroin, painkillers, inhalants, alcohol, crystal meth or Ativan. The basics of addiction are the same. Therefore, specialists at drug rehab facilities would also be able to help someone with a gambling or sex addiction. The foundation of recovery is made of interchangeable processes and procedures that work for any case of dependence or addiction.

The Processes of Recovery

Rehabilitation and recovery begins when an addicted person or a family member contacts alcohol treatment centers for help. From that moment, the addicted person trusts the institution to take care of him or her. Participating facilities will do their best to shelter the sick individual. A coordinator will take an assessment or screening during the first call so that he or she can find out what the addicted person needs. Next, the person will enroll in the appropriate alcohol rehab or drug rehab programs to fit their recovery needs.

After addicts gets settled into alcohol treatment facilities, they will then go through drug detox or alcohol detox. During this phase of recovery, patients will have many physical, emotional and psychological challenges as the drugs run their course through the body.

Withdrawal symptoms may consist of nausea, vomiting, muscles cramps, sweating and irritation. However, these symptoms will only last from three days to a few weeks. The physical withdrawal is the most difficult part of the process. Therefore, anyone who makes it through that stage should be proud.

Alcohol treatment centers and residential drug rehab facilities have various strategies that they use after the initial detoxification. Most patients will go straight into some type of counseling programs, during which a professional will learn more about the patient's habits and tendencies. Part of relapse prevention strategies is knowing what caused the urge to do drugs in the first place.

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