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Addiction treatment can be a scary concept, but education and compassionate care can take the mystery and fear out of rehabilitation. Substance abuse is a disease that requires medical and psychological therapy, as well as long-term support from family, friends, and the recovery community. Houston Drug Treatment Centers is dedicated to helping people find addiction treatment programs where they can learn to live a sober lifestyle. We recognize the importance of drug and alcohol treatment programs and therapies that are backed by science.

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Why Do Addicts Need Treatment?

When you have a loved one who is addicted to a drug or alcohol, it can cause turmoil throughout the home and family life. The person may be lying, stealing, and have extremely irrational behavior causing them to be difficult to deal with. Although they have caused a lot of emotional pain to those that they should care about the most, it is important that you remember that you are dealing with a sick person.

Drug addiction and alcoholism appear as a selfish decision, but it is no more in the person's control than if they were diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer. They may seem reluctant or even refused to seek help for addiction, but most of these individuals feel high levels of guilt and remorse. Most addicts are loving and caring individuals, but addiction affects their mind and body in a variety of different ways.

In addiction the person becomes physically dependent for their substance of choice. Their mind and body go into a basic survival instincts causing them to do what they have to in order to continue drinking or using. This may cause them to be verbally or even physically abusive, but there is hope for recovery.

Intervention for Addiction Treatment

Sometimes an intervention is necessary as a last resort to helping someone get into an addiction treatment facility. You should always consult a professional before attempting to pursue a suffering addict in this fashion. An intervention is when the friends and family confront the addict, in a non-aggressive way, to let the person know that how much they love and care for them, but can no longer contribute to their addiction.

The reality is that most addicts could not continue the addictions that they have if it were not for the resources being provided to them by others. The goal of the intervention is for that the individual to have a moment of clarity in which they realize that they may need help.

Recovery from addiction starts when the person acknowledges that there is a problem. Most addicts realize this, but their mental obsession for using restrains them from seeking addiction treatment. Once they have been medically detoxed and their mind is clear, they will begin to see the benefits of sobriety.

Getting Help Now

It can be nerve-wracking to consider entering a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center, but the alternative can be worse than a moment of fear. Substance abuse can cause permanent health complications like seizures, bleeding in the stomach, and irregular heart beat. Houston Drug Treatment Centers is here to make the process easy by providing you with information about the compassionate care that you and your family members need.

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